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    We are on a mission to make all things zen accessible to all


    Our work is wide reaching



    We are a social enterprise, driven my purpose not profit. We work with those communities who need us the most. Inner city residents, workers and students have been disproportionately effected by COVID, mental health issues are fast on the rise and now more than ever there is a need to find ways to ease anxiety, support emotional resilience and build community cohesion.


    You will find the Zen Den (our mobile studio) parked up in communities, schools, universities and visiting workplaces. Find out more about working with us below.




  • We are 100% inclusive in everything we do

    We bring the zen right to your door and it doesn't end there, once you have been on board you have access to all of our online support tools. Including regular live streams, often right from the bus!

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    Supporting professionals


    We bring the zen right to your office space


    We build bespoke programmes to suit the needs of any organisation we partner with. You book the bus for a half or full day, we take a brief, design you a programme and then all your employees need to do is turn up and reap the benefits!


    Working with us is a unique opportunity to support your employees back into the workplace, to help them tackle the day to day challenges life presents and help them to be the best versions of themselves.


    The co-founders of TZP are both from the corporate world originally and are perfectly placed to understand and help you rise to the challenges we are facing.


    Working with TZP also helps you to support the wider community, as we fund our community work in part with any profit from the corporate work we do. We are open to offering sessions and support to your chosen charities and community organisations, it's all part of the service!!


    Areas that we work with are:

    - Enhanced creativity

    - Increased focus

    - Building emotional resilience

    - Immunity boosting

    - Soothe anxiety

    - Team building


    Book us to visit your workplace here


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    Supporting communities

    As a community interest project we take our bus out into the community

    We are a non profit organisation and in order to ensure we deliver our valuable work to those who need it most we look to secure grants to deliver work into inner city areas. We use any profit made from corporate work, to fund this part of the business. For us it's about the work, not the money.


    We partner with community based organisations, consult local residents and look to build the right programmes that bring the support needed to those areas.


    Watch this space and our news and social media to find out more about our work in this space.


    To find out more about our community work, volunteer your time and suggest an area for us to visit, contact us here

    Schools and universities

    Supporting the mental health of children and young people is incredibly important to us, we were recently headline news - take a look at our school tour as part of children's mental health week on sky news!

    Team Zen has qualified children's practitioners and is qualified to deliver engaging sessions for children and young people of all ages.


    A 2020 NHS study showed that 50% of mental health problems start by the age of 14, so early intervention is key. Plus there has been a 50% increase in mental health issues in young people over the last 12 months. We are here to help address this - our tools and techniques help to build emotional resilience and tackle anxiety.



    To find out more about us visiting your school, college or university, contact us here


    We run a range of events from festivals to pop up community projects

    Team Zen have a wide range of experience in organising events. From entire wellbeing areas at festivals, such as Mind, Body & Zen which we created for Latitude, to smaller community events. No project is too big or small!


    Creating a celebration of mental health wherever we go, we are on a mission to bring connection through a range of wellbeing based activities - from yoga, to talks and workshops.


    Find out where you can catch us next here.


    To find out more about us creating an event for you, contact us here