• About us


    We are a mobile wellbeing station offering guided micro Zen Sessions to workplaces, pop-up community spaces and schools. All of this is delivered from our converted American school bus!

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    Our Story

    Hi, we are Corinne and Kaye, the brains behind The Zen Project. After getting caught up in our corporate careers, we spent way too much time looking for fulfilment in all of the wrong places. The end result was disconnection and exhaustion. So we started looking for ways to heal our tired minds and incorporating zen into our lives was that lightbulb moment. ⠀

    But after looking at what’s on offer, we realised that there wasn’t a lot of simple, accessible information on all of the routes to zen such as meditation and breathwork. ⠀

    We’re here to change that, and to show you how easy it can be to give yourself some zen even when life feels so busy. We believe in creating calm amongst the chaos we want to show people how simple it can be to use our zen tips and techniques to take the pressure off a little bit. Watch our intro video here.

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    Meet the Zen Den!

    What’s better than a big yellow bus? As part of our mission to make our Zen Sessions as accessible as possible, we realised we needed to find a mobile solution. We of course have an online offering and live stream sessions too. And we want to build a community and be able to guide people in person to really help them start their journey to calm. So we came up with the idea of turning an American School bus into a mobile studio space. Follow more detail on the conversion and news from the Zen Den here.

    This project is the first of its kind on these shores and we can’t wait for as many people as possible to experience the benefits. With our bus we can visit schools, hospitals, offices, parks and public spaces and give everyone the gift of 11 minutes of zen.⠀


  • Our journey so far...

    Check out this short video and learn all about us!