• We have never needed zen more than we do right now

    Let's look at the stats...

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    60% of UK adults said COVID has negatively impacted their mental health

    Mental health struggles can affect everyone...

    The global pandemic has created an immense amount of strain and pressure on society and individuals. MIND conducted a survey to assess how and where the current climate has most affected our society. The results, whilst unsurprising, reflect that help is needed to alleviate concerns, bring hope and offer people a break from their daily stresses.


    There has never been a greater need for the offer of assistance, tips and tools to help improve mental wellbeing and that's where we come in!


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    67% of UK residents report feeling somewhat or very worried about the effect COVID-19 is having on their life. Source: Office for National Statistics.

    The world is changing...

    The global pandemic has affected people in different ways - financial strain, domestic pressure, employment concerns, being too busy or perhaps the opposite, with furloughed and redundant employees struggling with the extra time they have had on their hands that might have highlighted previously unexplored discontentment.


    In whichever way people might have been affected, we would like to help by offering guidance with some potentially life-changing new habits that can help to generate a more positive outlook and ease anxieties.