• The ways we support mental wellbeing

    We run micro zen sessions which are 11 minutes long. Some, such as creative expression run a little longer. Everything we do has been put together by fully trained experts and is delivered by qualified instructors. We want to make the process as easy and accessible as it can be. All the participants need to do is show up and lighten the load. No experience is necessary to be able to access the benefits of our Zen Sessions. The experience doesn't end after the session, once you have been on board the Zen Den you will be given access to our online support platform which includes regular zen tips plus live streamed and pre recorded sessions. We are in this for the long term benefits and we will still be here for you after your first experience with us. Can't wait to have you on board! Click on each image below to find out more about the session  

  • Zen Session benefits

    Everything we do helps to create space and allow people to gain more of a sense of control over their busy minds. We build programmes to suit the needs of our customers. Below are the areas that our sessions positively impact. There are a number of studies that have proven the effectiveness of the techniques we draw on, studies are linked throughout the benefits below.

    Relaxation and Stress

    Taking the time to practice any form of meditation, mindfulness or activity that calms the mind has been found to have a positive impact on the bodies ability to relax. This in turn reduces stress and helps people to cope with the day to day challenges of life.


    Our breath is an extremely powerful tool. Simply by breathing in a certain way we can change the chemicals in our brain and ease anxiety. We have all heard of using a paper bag if we are hyper ventilating - that's just the tip of the iceberg!

    Emotional Resilience

    The more we practice any mindfulness based activity the more we develop the muscles of our brain responsible for allowing us to adapt to things that trigger our emotions. Over time this means you become more emotionally resilient and with a greater sense of stability and calm.

    Focus and concentration

    In the world we live in today we are constantly bombarded with information. We can find our concentration span is short as a result. By cultivating a sense of space through our Zen Sessions the result is an increased ability to focus, as a result you will find your mind wandering less.


    When life is so fast paced and we are feeling stressed, we can really struggle with our energy levels. Our Zen Sessions can be focused on creating energy and giving people a boost when they need it.


    By reducing stress and increasing  emotional resilience people become less likely to burn out. They have an increased capacity to focus and enjoy their work - whatever their occupation!


    Zen Sessions improve key components of mood, from boosting happiness to decreasing irritability. We want to create a kinder world - I'm sure we can all agree that's needed!

    Self compassion

    Giving people the gift of 11 minutes of zen is the first step to helping them to create more self love. Once we create more space in our lives, we start to have more self compassion.

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